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I LOVE smoothies!  They are my favorite breakfast after a hard workout.  I swim with a Master’s Swim Team three mornings/week and I especially look forward to a cool, nutritious smoothie on these early mornings.

I define a smoothie as any concoction of fruit and/or vegetables and other nutritious ingredients all whirred together in a blender.  My basic recipe contains non-fat Greek yogurt (protein) and frozen fruit (carbs and vitamins).  After that, I add in any number of ingredients.  Whatever is on hand or whatever I am in the mood for.

I have been trying various recipes lately.  Some have fewer calories than others and these “lighter” smoothies might be more appropriate for an afternoon snack.

I purposely included the above image of a Jamba Juice smoothie.  While I enjoy their fruity fresh smoothies, it is important to check the calories before purchasing!  Some of their smoothies contain enough calories for an entire day!  Often I will make a quick substitution of non-fat plain yogurt for fruit sherbet or frozen yogurt.  Both the sherbet and frozen yogurt contain extra sugar which isn’t necessary when the fruit has all the sweetness you need.  I will also choose a smoothie that doesn’t contain any fruit juice – another unnecessary ingredient.  Also, purchase the smaller sizes and your smoothie will still have enough calories to satisfy!

I thought I’d talk about a different ingredient each day and on the last day we’ll “blend” it all together for the final recipe.  Then you can tell me what you think of this particular recipe.  I’m going to try other recipes as well.  If you have a favorite smoothie recipe, let me know and I’ll try it and publish it and give it your name!

Smoothie A

The first ingredient for this week’s smoothie is bananas.  Bananas definitely add a creamy smoothness to any smoothie.  It also adds a lot of calories, so I don’t always include them.  But there is no doubt that a smoothie tastes better when it incorporates a banana!  If you are a Triathlete, you probably need those extra calories, so pile them on!

1 large banana (8″ – 9″ long) contains the following:

Calories:  121

Carbohydrates:  31g

Fiber:  4g

Protein:  1g

Nutrients:  Vitamin C – 20%; Iron – 2%; Vitamin A – 2%; Calcium – 1%.

Bananas are a good source of potassium, Manganese, and Vitamin B6.

Banana Trivia:  The banana plant originated in Malaysia.  The plant isn’t really a tree, it is actually the world’s largest herb!


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?Teenage Mystery? Smoothies (Part 2)

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